Common Questions asked about The Preserve at Chula Vista

1. Ag Exemption & Rollback Taxes:  Chula Vista Ranch, and The Preserve at Chula Vista have been under a Wildlife Exemption for the last ten years. As of January 2, 2019, the exemption was changed to an Ag Exemption, with the ranch grazing a herd of low-weight Black Angus steers. The cattle may be removed or rotated out from time to time as allowed under the Gillespie County Ag exemption. For as long as an Owner does not totally fence the outside perimeter boundary of their property, they will fall within the Ag Exemption. (This does not preclude the fencing of the immediate one acre surrounding the residence.) Larger tracts may be able to apply for Ag & Wildlife Tax Exemptions on their own if desired, so please consult an expert such as Plateau Wildlife Management. Once the Owner has closed on his tract and commences construction, Gillespie County will assess the residence and one (1) acre as “normal property tax”. Historically, when the one acre and residence is put into service, it has not been charged rollback taxes. It has been amended from Ag Exemption and put into service going forward. For example, all of the Eagle’s Crest residences were treated this way by the taxing authority, without any rollback taxes being assessed. You can view a home and property on the Gillespie County Appraisal website to see how they handle improved value and the Ag Exemption land value.

2. Road Maintenance: The roads were designed and built to Gillespie County specifications and inspected throughout construction. The design is exactly the same as Eagle’s Crest, and those roads have been in service for nine (9) years without needing any maintenance or repair. If a contractor building a home damages the roadway, we will look to that contractor to repair the damage caused.

 3. DCCR’s Section 7.4.1: The Association will be established once Gillespie County provides it final approval of the Roadway and Final Plat. The Association will be operated by members of the Declarant until such time as approximately seventy-five percent (75%) of the tracts are sold within The Preserves of Los Chula Vista. At that time, the Association will have a meeting of the Owners to elect a new Board of Directors from the Ownership to the Association to operate going forward.

 4. DCCR’s Section 7.4.2: Association expenses would begin to officially accrue beginning the date Gillespie County approves the Roadway and Final Plat. However, the Declarant has not incurred, nor expects to incur, any expenses related to Association operations currently or prior to turnover to the Association. The Declarant also must, per the DCCR, pay dues of $500 per tract it has not yet sold into the Association per year, so no expenses are ever expected to be incurred to be reimbursed to Declarant.5. Section 7.15: Same answer as 7.4.2.

5. DCCR’s Section 7.15: Same answer as 7.4.2.

 6. DCCR’s Section 7.6: Expenses of taxes, insurance, etc., might include the filing of tax returns for the Association, filing of Ag Exemption documents, and insurance for the common area for example.

 7. DCCR’s Section 8.2.18:  Fence Exhibit A – The DCCR will be amended to reflect the appropriate Exhibit; however, there is a mock-up of the fence panel in the cul-de-sac of Lot 1 for the perimeter fencing. This fencing will be in the front and adjoining the roadways to maintain a uniform ranch look, and the net fencing and cedar posts are designed to age, blend in and be unnoticeable.

8. DCCR’s Section 9.4 Architectural Guidelines: While the DCCR permits an additional Architectural Guidelines document to be written and provided at some future point, we feel the DCCR is sufficient in its guidelines on materials and construction at this point and is not necessary. However, should that change, the DCCR does give us the flexibility to create a more detailed document should it be needed. The Architectural Committee (developer), seeks to be accommodating and looks forward to different home styles and design, with the main purpose being to protect the value, look and feel of Chula Vista for all owners. Please feel free to call and discuss.

9. City pickup: Trash will be handled by the governing authority at curbside inside Chula Vista Ranch.

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